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The company was named Ningbo Credit Demonstration Microenterprise 2016
Recently, the list of "Ningbo Credit Demonstration Microenterprise" in 2016 was announced, including Ningbo Geagle Intelligent Sanitary Tech. Co., Ltd,. and many other companies on the list. These companies cover related industries such as information technology, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, digital creativity, cultural tourism, and fashion, and represent the emerging industrial development direction of Ningbo micro and small enterprises.
At the beginning of this year, the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau formulated the "Measures for the Recognition of Ningbo Credit Demonstration Microenterprise". According to the regulations, the joint establishment of Ningbo Shuangchuang to carry out Ningbo credit demonstration micro-enterprise selection activities. After multiple selections, the Division was finally named "Ningbo credit demonstration micro-enterprise in 2016".
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